5 Common Tools Used By Car Locksmiths

Car locksmiths are perhaps one of the most unheralded professions in the world. Many people fail to realize that they provide help to a lot of people every day. When motorists get locked out of their vehicles, locksmiths like locksmith Perth ensure their safety and peace of mind. But to be able to carry out their job properly, they need a variety of tools. The following are some of the most common tools locksmiths use to gain entry to vehicles.

1. Key Extractor

The name says it all: This tool allows locksmiths to retrieve broken parts of a key which have been stuck inside the keyhole. In some cases, it can also be used to remove other foreign objects that block the keyhole, preventing the key from doing its job of opening the lock.

2. Manual Lock Pick Gun

This is one of the oldest tools in the arsenal of car locksmiths, dating back several centuries ago. An electric pick gun is also now commonly used. Locksmiths use the pick gun to apply a sudden burst of pressure to the bottom pins of the lock. The force knocks the upper pins, causing the lock to open.

3. Torsion Wrench

This tool has an L-shape and is typically used alongside other tools. Locksmiths use this wrench to hold the pins of the lock while using another tool to apply pressure to the shear line in order to open the lock. The torsion wrench comes in three types: light, medium and rigid.

4. Slim Jim

The slim jim is a flat spring steel with a notch at the bottom. This is what locksmiths and even knowledgeable car owners use to open doors without using a key or a lock pick. The slim jim is slid repeatedly between the car window and the weather stripping until the notch catches the lever responsible for the opening mechanism of the door.

5. Plug Spinner

The plug spinner is often used after a locksmith has finished working with a lock or in situations in which the lock has been tampered with. It works by re-aligning the lock’s pins so everything inside works properly.

These tools are just some of the most common ones car locksmiths use. In some more complicated cases, they need more advanced tools to be able to gain access to the vehicle. Certain locks have very complex security systems, so locksmiths make use of specialized equipment that allows them to manipulate and open the lock. Finding a good locksmith? Click here for tips to avoid locksmith scams.

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