A Guide to Couch and Sofa Cleaning

sofa We sit on couches, our friends sit on them, children eat on them and eventually they get dirty. Sooner or later someone will spill something on them or something will rub off on your couch, either way it’s a good idea to know how to remove these spots from you couch. Without the knowledge of how to remove these stains a stain appearing on one of your couches can be stressful and usual ends in calling a professional in upholstery cleaning to have it removed or leaving a blotched mark on your furniture. So here is a step by step guide for couch and sofa cleaning:

1. Prepare

2. Dry surface cleaning

3. Stain removal

Prepare: We start out like we do with any cleaning job when we do couch and sofa cleaning, we prepare. This consists of finding the label on your couch, it may be under one of the side flaps if it has drags on along the edge of the underside, this will have details for what can and can’t be done to your couch during the cleaning process, similar to cleaning instructions found on clothing tags. Once you have the soap or polish depending on the fabric of your couch or sofa we can begin.

Dry Surface Cleaning: The next part of couch and sofa cleaning is to do the dry surface cleaning. This means removing what can be remove without the use of soap and polish. If your couch has removable cushions start by taking them out, this allows to vacuum out underneath them and to clean them separately in order to have better surface access. Once you have vacuumed the larger surface debris if you have a non-leather couch you can go over the surfaces of the couch with a bristle brush to get debris that is pressed into the fabric and repeat the vacuuming process. If you have a leather couch you can proceed to the next step.

Stain Removal: The final step of sofa and couch cleaning is the stain removal, during this step we apply the soap or polish to the remaining problem areas in order to remove stains. While doing this remember to follow the instructions from the label as to what temperature solution should be used and the cleaner to be applied. After applying the cleaner and removing stains it is important to dry the couch by using either a blow drier or a fan next to an open door and air the couch out. This prevents the deterioration of the material that would occur if it remained wet and was allowed to soak and the longer it is left to soak the more difficult it is to dry out before it causes damage.

Now you know a bit more about the process of couch and sofa cleaning so that you complete this task yourself. By doing it yourself you not only save money that would have gone to hiring a professional you also get the sense of self accomplishment that comes with completing a job well done and a cleaner sofa and couch to boot. Now whenever a stain appears on one of your couches you’ll be prepared to handle reducing your worries and granting a higher level of confidence. For more tips and instructions to better upholstery cleaning, click here.


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